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Nice ones there Gouvernail. Are you giving permission for use of those?

It occurs to me that the class out to produce this and include the dates of all the major regattas in the calendar. A source of revenue for the class too.
Most of the photos are not mine and I can't give authorization for photos I didn't shoot. I simply made links to old photos already run on the NA Laser website or photos from my own site..

As eash one is readily available on the internet, you most certainly can print them out for your own use.

Commercial use always takes personal authorization by the original photographers.
San Diego. MIdwinters in 2002... Jacob Wheat , Patrick Reynolds and I got kicked off the ocean by the lifeguards on jet skis...And they were right. The waves on the ocean were huge.

We want in and as it got calmer and calmer and calmer toward the harbor we decided to at least play in between the jettis for a while...We thought, "We now not to go too far and we already sailed out all the way. What could happen?""

Shortly after I took this photo of Jake I had to try goping out just a little further and the result was, I got washed off the boat by about two feet of foam on top of a breaking wave.

I guess it was tide going out and as the channel got shallower the waves got more impossible to navigate. But lake sailors like us didn't know about waves and tides and stuff like that.

When I got back to the surface, my boat was one wavelength downwind from me going end over end in the surf.
I tried to swim to the less wavy side and got rolled over by two more waves before foolish rescuer I"m coming Fred!!!" Jake got back and I climbed on his boat with him. We got washed off once more but managed to hold onto the mainsheet ( me) and the handrails and gunwale ( him).

we then sailed to my boat where a lifegueard guy was already holding it and scowling at us.

I claimed I was trying to herd the kids to shore and did a bit too good of a job of being on tehe bad side. He called BS as he had watched my dumbass move.

So, we plucked the rig from the water ( it was hanging on by the cunningham line....pre mast retention line days.) and simply put the boat back together.

The rudder and tiller were holding on because the flexijoint was wedged at one corner net to the traveler eye.

The boat was fine I sailed the regatta. In fact we sailed the first day in the harbor and flat water next to a shore and I rounded the weather mark first in each of the first two races...before the fast guys blasted by on the reaches...(no shifts to play there)

I'm still alive despite being a dumbass.

The next year Peter Hurley was awarded the USSailing sportsmanship award for making the same rescue Jake made. Somebody on a radial got in the same mess as I did and Peter was sailing in on his Laser.

The camera died . It wasn't as waterproof as it's box claimed it to be. That was the last photo it took.
San Diego. MIdwinters in 2002...
...Shortly after I took this photo of Jake I had to try goping out just a little further and the result was, I got washed off the boat by about two feet of foam on top of a breaking wave...
I call the death grip on the gunwales to keep from washing off while a wave pushes you sideways 100 feet the 'Cabarete Hangon'. :eek:

I'm still alive despite being a dumbass.
God looks after drunks and dumbasses.:p