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largest sunfish trailer you've seen?


What is the largest sunfish trailer you have seen? Going to have 3 kids soon. Thinking ahead. Do they make a trailer that holds 5 sunfish? 6? Maybe have it interchangeable so it can also tow 3 optis?

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Holds 6 plus room for bikes, coolers, ...1500 pound capacity, which is about 300 pounds more than I'd want to pull. 6 Sunfish at 140 pounds = 840.
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This... Dutch crew loading up for winter training in Vilamoura, Portugal. The dinghies are taking down south in December and return in March. Sailors hop on a plane for a week training. Tickets for the trip are pretty cheap during the 'of season' period: 38 euros for a single trip.

Vilamoura is a sailing-celeb hotspot in the winter: Annemarie Rindom, Robert Scheidt etc. All set up camp in Vilamoura and every afternoon it's racing time! ("I was lining up; looked who was next to me and I was next to Robert Scheidt! How cool was that!").


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