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Lance Cleat for Jib Sheet?


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Hi all, newbie here. Hope some of the experts can help me out:

I need to replace the cam-cleat/Fairlead for the jib sheet on one of my little 12' aluminum petrels. I see that RWO makes a 'Lance Cleat' that looks like it might be a one-stop solution for guiding/locking off the line. The only issue: I can't find any reference to how strong the cleats are. Does anyone have any experience with them, and do you think they'd be an appropriate replacement for the cleat/Fairlead on a boat this small? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.


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Used to have some for control lines on a Europe dinghy a very long time ago. Nothing wrong with them, but they were largely forgotten when new small (upward-releasing) camcleats hit the market soon after.

A small lance cleat used to be standard on North American Laser 2 spinnaker halyards, so if they're strong enough for that, then a large one is good enough for the sheet of a small jib. Just attach them so that they uncleat when you pull the line back, not forward.