Lake Travis sailing (warning: many many embedded pics)

What is that wooden thing at the base of your mast?

... and is that a floating bar? I have been to floating bars on saltwater but never fresh water due to the fact that States usually own the lake and alcohol is prohibited.
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Weird, huh? The people I bought the boat from had put little pieces of teak around the mast and on either side of the centerboard.
I don't know if they put them there for strength/protection of just to be decorative, but I just left 'em there.

There seems to be a thing on this lake with people putting motors on pieces of dock so they can drive them to the party cove. This is the biggest and most extreme one I've seen. I don't know if it's something you pay for for them to take you out to the party and give you drinks, or if it's a private thing. It makes me wonder how you go about registering a double decker dock as a boat though :eek:
your boat is about the same vintage as mine given the *brightwork*. I like my boat and the wooden foils! The hull is in great shape given it's age and is holding up well despite my growing fondness for winds exceeding 20kts. I am looking into getting a newer boat but will keep the old one.

I don't think that the double decker party boat is a good use of the US's carbon credits ... :D
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I'm sure there are many things wrong with the way I sail :D

I'll give it a shot next time I'm out.

However, at 6'1" and probably 240lb I do bring a fair amount of leverage to the table :eek: