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I am looking to purchase a kolibri dingy but it has some fiberglass work needed. I am hoping to get some advise from anyone that might be able to help about if its worth the work or not. I do not want to purchase a boat that will never sail so any advise I can get would be apreciated:).
I am putting some pics on here of the boat and the crack.
some questions I have are:
This would be my first boat has anyone sailed one and what did thiey think?

From the research I've done on fiberglass repair its a whole lot easier when it is not on a crack, Will this be a huge hassle because of location?

Is it worth it to purchase this boat for a couple hundred bucks or should I keep looking?

If these pics dont work here is the web album



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I have a friend who sails the Koralle version of this boat. He paid around $600 for his about eight years ago. The design sails fine, though he says the boom furler/reefing system is a little funky. Not in a bad way, just unconventional.

We were comparing your pictures to his deck to get an idea of the damage. We both concluded the boat you are looking at has suffered some sort of catastrophic event to the dagger board trunk. The obvious cracks don’t look good. The patched over repairs make it look totally untenable. Seeing how you are shopping for a first boat our advice is to pass on this one unless you know boat repairs and want a real project.


Ah ... such sweet memories sailing a Kolibri on a bright day ... brisk winds ... till the mast fell through the bottom of the boat ... that is. True story. Hull was unrepairable so we striped the parts and made our own boat out of wood.

They are that poorly made and the base plastic is tough to get fiberglass repairs to stick to for some reason.

Don't walk away from this .... RUN!
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Thanks for the advice; I wondered if the location of the crack would be a problem. I shall pass on this boat and hope to find another in my price range.
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