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Kitty Hawk trailer with Sunfish converstion


I have a Laser with a Kitty Hawk trailer, and just got a Sunfish conversion from John at Kitty Hawk. It allows me to carry either the Laser or Sunfish with just a few minutes conversion time. The bow support for either boat threads in quickly, and two bolts hold the rear support hoops in place. This is a top quality modification from the builder for Sunfish's built with the rolled deck (late 80's and newer?). The Sunfish is rock solid on the trailer. I use a Seitech dolly, I prefer to keep the trailer wheel bearings out of the water, plus the dolly is handy when I use a Thule rack to car top the Sunfish. The Kitty Hawk trailer is light enough to use as a dolly in all but soft sand if you keep up with bearing maintenance.