Kirby's New Carbon Weekender (Hope you had a Great April 1st)


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Bruce Kirby has designed and ACME Carbon and Bower sails will be the advisory builder and sailmaker for that which Mr Kirby describes as his 2010 version of the Weekender.
Originally introduced to the media during an event called the Americas Teacup regatta. Bruce Kirby's Weekender was later renamed the Laser and that boat has gone on to sell over 200,000 hulls.
At today's news conference the following press release was distributed.
"The Weekender 2010 simply does what we would have done had we known how back in 1970. The new Weekender 2010 will be stiffer, stronger, lighter, faster and certainly more durable than the original Weekender (aka Laser).
"The very best part about this boat is the fact we have been secretly testing it for three years and we know we have a sail made from a new Dyneema Dacron cloth that should last for the life of the boat.
"In fact, we have attempted to build everything and supply lines and fittings that should rarely need any replacement what so ever.
"The boat will be molded using matched metal dies and pre impregnated woven materials with extensive use of glass spheres as to provide bulk and add to stiffness.
"The carbon fiber mast and boom will be covered with an almost white urethane paint to preserve and protect the carbon structure and the mast step has a simple bearing system that allows rotation and no abrasion.
"The foils will also have very limited carbon fiber but Mr Kirby's design made it possible to create molded foam comp[osite blases similar to teh old laser blades while cutting the price by 80%.
"The new deck design includes a clever splash rail and cockpit design that allows for simple deck to deck stacking of the boat. The twenty boats shown at the news conference were displayed rigged, on roof racks, on double trailers, and on a four boat trailer.
"Wal Mart Marine will be the sole world wide marketer for the boat which is already in production at a facility inside Winnebago's Elkhart, Indiana, USA plant.
"Wal Mart Marine's target retail price for the Weekender 2010 is $1000 US Dollars with trailers, roofracks, covers and lifejackets to be sold separatly."


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Re: Kirby's New Carbon Weekender

I do want one of those as well...

Just waiting for that stimulus money to arrive...
Re: Kirby's New Carbon Weekender

If that post were real, it would be called the Bladerider. Too bad those aren't $1000.

Wal-mart does have a marine section, so maybe it's not made up ;)