Kick-up rudder stuck

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(Got my traveler rigged up. Thanks!)

The only outstanding issue with our new to us Omega 14 (at this point, that I'm aware of...) is that the kick-up rudder (wood) is frozen in its metal housing. I can loosen the locking lever right off of it and it won't move. There's some corrosion on the metal housing.

What's the best way to break the bond between rudder and housing while minimizing risk of damage to the rudder?

Thanks, in advance, again.

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Ah, okay. Thank you. I think I'll begin by trying a heat gun.

We're getting so close to sailing this boat, and now Sunday we're leaving on an extended sea kayaking trip. It will be a week and a half or more before I can return to this forum and get back to work on the boat.