Keeping Your Cuddy Dry

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OK all you tinkers.... I've cleaned up my new to me mod I and it's nice and spiffy. The weather has been hot up here and I've noticed that each time I open the cuddy hatch the air is very damp and heavy. I moor my boat, so it would be cool if I could store my sails beneath deck when not in use, but that dampness is a recipe for mold and midew.

Two questions:

1. -Any experience storing sails beneath deck?

2. - has anyone dreamed up a ventilation system keeping in mind that #1 goal is to keep water OUT of the cuddy.


Do you have a cuddy? With as much water as I have recently experienced when I turtled by boat, I am going to keep everything sealed the best I can. If you have a cuddy, I would suggest storing them in the cuddy and making a hatch to fit over the cuddy and adding a lock.

If you do not have a cuddy, you might consider putting the sails in a large ziplock bag. They do make large ziplocks. Just make sure the sails are dry before storing them.

When on land/trailer, pull the drain plug... it'll dry quick.

On the water.. I don't know of a good way to dry her out, other than to open the hatch when you are on her, and let it air out.
Cuddy Vent

Might consider a solar powered vent on the foredeck. They typically are stainless steel and about 8-9" diameter and 3" high. Would keep some air moving when at a mooring on the trailer. Used one on my Cat 30. Just a thought.

dry cuddy

I would not store the sails in the cuddy; Ideally they should be dried out and stored in a dry area - the cuddy is not a dry area !!! I store my Capri on a trailer with the tongue rased; Even with the bung removed - not all the water drains out;

Once the sails are dry - I store them in the garage hanging on one of the walls;

ALso during winter - rodents will find the sails a perfect place to nest and stay warm