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Keeping Water off Sunnies/Glasses

Has anyone found any products that repel water from Sunnies/glasses. I have to wear corrective sunnies when I sail but after a short time on the water they get wet with spray and become next to useless for seeing with.


I always try and turn away when I see a big shot of spray coming, but also, if im continuously getting wet, I never have a problem with the spray drying on my glasses... I hope this makes sense! :D


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The USA product Rain-X might work, but I'd try it sparingly. It has a base that is some kind of solvent, and it might make your glasses really hard to see thru. The other component appears to be a very thin wax coating, the result is beading to very small drops on the surface ( normally auto windshield )

Vaughn Harrison

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I dip them in the lake/ocean to get the beads off. I never wear them downwind anyways, since visibility is so important for surfing waves


Rainex (the same stuff used for windscreens) does make a difference, however it has an alcohol base so you need to be careful as it affects some plastics or the special coatings on lenses.

Some of the more expensive lenses designed for water sports already have a hydrophobic coating. If you are getting prescription lenses made, you should ask for this coating up front. I'm not sure if they will add the coating to your existing glasses, but you could ask if it's possible.

However, eventually the salt and sunscreen builds up on them and you'll see nothing anyway. It's a real pain. Guys like Slingsby dont wear sunnies at this stage of their careers for that reason, but their pain will be coming later as nobody is immune to UV eye damage.


If you're not already wearing one, a hat helps enormously with cutting down the glare off little droplets on your glasses. I found this out not too long ago when I sailed without my hat.

Also, contacts, being made of plastic, will do a decent job of blocking UV. Nike used to and maybe someone else does now make tinted contacts. Dunno what it's like to sail in contacts since my eyes don't need corrective lenses. Also, I don't have to deal with salt encrusted on my sunnies since I'm a fresh water sailor...


there is a snorkeling product called Cat Crap (kid you not) that works to minimize fogging. Bet it would slik your glasses to minimize spotting.


There are plenty of hydrophobic paint on/spray on products out there but not too many that are much good on optical surfaces. The glass in that video looked very hazy to me.