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A very old Laser sailor, I first saw a Laser in action at Whitstable in the UK in, I think, 1972. I subsequently bought the third ever Laser produced locally in Australia. Over the years I have bought 14 new Lasers, plus one made in New Zealand and one that I imported from the San Rafael factory in California, when the local Australian manufacture was less than satisfactory.
I have competed as a regular laser sailor in Australia and New Zealand, as an apprentice, master and grand master. And in World championships in Sardinia, Thailand, Cornwall and here in Australia (where I missed out on the Grand Master prize by 3/4 point! Ouch!)
At age 75 with various arthritis, I haven't been Laser sailing for about ten years, but I regard my Laser experiences as a lifestyle career highlight. Maybe someone can suggest the 'magic bullet' that could propel me into the great grand master category?
I have seen a thread relating to osmosis in Laser hulls. I have never encountered this in all the Lasers that I have owned. But as a fiberglass manufacturer in a previous incarnation, I believe that the issue is entirely related to humidity control during manufacture. Gel coat thickness is irrelevant - basically a proper manufacturing environment is the solution.
Best New year wishes to all Laser sailor sailors - wherever you are. A great community.
Laser sailors ARE pretty cool aren't they Graham? It's nice to hear stories of the good old days and relating that to new times.

regards! :)


Graham Gilbert said:
Maybe someone can suggest the 'magic bullet' that could propel me into the great grand master category?
Welcome to the Laser Forum, Graham! You are an inspiration, and it would be great if you could conquer your arthritis enough to get back into Laser sailing. There is a book called "You: The Owner's Manual" that has been on the New York Times best seller list for a while now. It's probably available everywhere. It has a good section on fighting arthritis and even reversing some of the damage. Briefly, it says to try to continue to exercise, with things that don't hurt, combining strength, endurance, and stretching. I'll bet you know that. In addition, make sure you get plenty of calcium with supplements or from low fat food, also Vitamins D and C, and omega-3 fatty acids found in fatty fish. There's more in the book, especially on quantities. If you try it, please let us know if it makes any difference. None of us are getting any younger!