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Keel Sump - What do I need to do here?


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Greetings. Just inherited a 1981 J24 and sorting it out. The Keel sump looks like it was chiseled out in this area for some reason and now the backing plate is not supported. In addition, it is taking on a very little amount of water (I sponged it out a week ago and this is whats in there now). I don't think there is any other leakage going on that would have gotten in there (dry weather). I am assuming I need to fill this with epoxy?



I'm not sure exactly what's going on there, and what you need if anything. What do you mean by backing plate? Are you talking about the stainless bar in your photo? That's for attaching a strap for lifting with a crane. But the keelbolts that go through it should be clamped with nuts to the keel sump or stub, for sure. Is there nothing below the upper (in the photo) of the two bolts going through the lifting bar? Maybe you want to draw a cross-section to show us what's there.