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Thanks for the comment. I really wanted the blue hull and although they refused to do it, the factory finally broke down and agreed. Not sure if they have done it since, so I might have the only one out there. Overall, I love this boat. It is exactly what I was looking for. Fun, yet stable enough to run around on. I will be installing a boom kicker and a tiller tender this spring which should make raising and lowering the main much easier. I'm sorry I didn't know of their existence when I bought the boat or I would have installed them right away. Cheers!
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You asked about launching depth. My trailer has an extension pole that I pull out when launching. This gives me 8-10 feet of additional distance without getting my car wet.
Hey Jeremy, the dealership in Pickering is Swan's Yacht Sales, I believe they are the Head Sales Office for Eastern Canada. I just spoke to Perry Tel: 905 420-2141, said he would be the person to speak to regarding a new purchase.

If you haven't already seen it, this is an image I got off of a google search:
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this boat was on sale 2 years ago in Georgia, here's the link:
That 14.2 full keel that you mentioned from Georgia a couple of years ago, well, I bought the same exact boat today. It found it's way to Indiana!!! I need a Boom & Main sail for it though. Anyone have one? Thanks