Just Published: The Sunfish Owner's Manual by Kent Lewis

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Congratulations on your effort and getting it published.
I have a couple good friends that have published books and I know it is a long, involved and trying process.
I have a copy I purchased off eBay for $32 including postage.
Let me preface this by saying I acquired a 1971 or '72 AMF Alcort Sunfish with a storage compartment aft of cockpit and a Gen 1 rudder mount. There is no plate on the deck or hull number on the stern. I was looking for information to date my boat and what to do with it.
Not to be mean, but in the light of constructive criticism, the book was nowhere near what I had hoped for in terms of basic information for a new Sunfish owner.
The History section could have been much more expanded including the differences between years and manufacturers and generations of rudders, dagger boards, and sails.
Many photos were too distant to see exactly what I wanted to see (rudder, dagger board, sail rigging).
Much of it was more geared to deeper restoration than a "normal" owner would ever attempt.
Organization was somewhat haphazard jumping from one topic to another and back.
Again, my expectation was for an Owner's Manual like you get with a new car, this read more like your diary (which was interesting and informative) perhaps a different title would have set a different expectation.
FWIW I also purchased The Sunfish Bible and found much of what I was looking for there but also found it too geared toward racing for someone, like myself, who acquired a discarded Sunfish and was looking for information on how to get it back in use.
Hi Stache,

Those are some great ideas, maybe they'll be additions to the 3rd Edition.

Some of the information you seek can be found here in the Forum Knowledge Base or in the Yahoo Sunfish_Sailor Group, but you have to dig for it there too and plan look forward to serendepity.

The usual crowd here is great for answering questions!

Attached is the Sailfish/Sunfish Timeline from Yahoo Sunfish_Sailor up to 2010, should have a little information on your boat.

Thanks for buying the book and good luck with the boat!


I guess the book I was originally looking for would have to be titled "Sunfish for Dummies".
Between this forum and much searching I have come up to plane in the last three weeks. Again, Congrats on the book, it is much more than I or others have (not) published.
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