Just Bought a 1974 Sunfish

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Hey, I just bought a 1974 Sunfish and just want to know what to expect when I first get out onto the water?
I can't wait to get out onto the water with my girlfriend (she's never been sailing hahahaha ;) )
Ashland, Or
good on ya Mike....My mom took me on her sunfish for my first ride in ~'72 I was about 7....Weather was @ or near a small craft warning and I recall to this day:
- the feeling in my white knuckled hands as I hung on for dear life,
- The sing songy Cackle of her maniacal laugh (barely audible over the wind)as we ripped back and forth....

I also remember windering why in heck we didn't flip over when deck was perpenducular to the surface of the river.....In retrospect I think I was alittle bit sunfish shy for a bit...but now its me whose trying to coax my 5 and 7 year olds out..(I think I'll break them in in a more leisurely fashiuon though...)

Rob M Concord, MA
This weekend I'm looking forward to repairing the mast step I broke last weekend....