Just a lovely 'winter-ish' picture.


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Well, not really winter in the southernmost part of Portugal: the Algarve. Vilamoura is Europe's hotspot-training centre for National Squads and Talent Squads from all over Europe ---and even from across the ocean. 49'ers, Lasers, 420/470s... everything gathers around the Vilamoura marine every morning for training. There's some sort of rhythm: national teams train separately in the morning and then gather for a few races in the afternoon. A mini-international meet. And the (Dutch) guy who owns the local gym has a steady winter-income as well!

Conditions were more or less perfect last week and up until now. 10 - 15 knots on the first few days, now 6 - 8 knots. Air temp 20C / 68F.

Here: a pic of my boy. Pic was taken by his trainer last Monday. My son is back home after a bumpy flight (big storm here in NW Europe on Tuesday) and he is off to college tomorrow. Now preparing (gym, cycling) for the next two weeks of training in February - with a new sail in his luggage... this one has become a sort of handkerchief...

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Thanks for the kind words!

I went to the Dutch Laser parts supplier for a 'unbuttoned' sail for training purposes. It's in the bag for the next trip to Vilamoura.