Jib Windows with roller furler. Size?

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I have found that while sailing solo, visibility is pretty lousy through the orignal window on my 1996 14.2.

I would like to look into adding more window area to the Jib (by a sail loft). I would like to know of others who have done this and what size/palacement. Also, are their any concerns or cautions with having a roller furler?

Thanks, Art

Ed Jones

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Jib window

I agree, the windows in the factory sails are way too small. The class rules allow for much larger window(s), up to a total of 7 sq. ft. The total window area should be about 18" high by about 4 ft. long, on the lower part of the jib. Let your sailmaker decide on the exact configuration as he'll have to keep the window segments between the sailcloth seams. (My window is in three segments.)

I don't know what effect the window will have on a roller furling jib. Anyone done this?