Jib Too Low, Can't see forward

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I am considering raising the jib higher on the mast so that I can see under it. The window in the jib just doesn't provide the visibility that I would like. Additionally I wonder if raising the jib would improve the channeling of air past the leeward side of the main thereby improving its performance. I recognize that it would apply more torque to the mast causing more list to the boat. Has anyone tried this? What were the results? What are your thoughts?
I had my new sail made with the largest legal (racing) window possible. I now can see clearly looking through the window. www.slosails.com made it for me. They charge $35.00 to install a larger window in your jib or $210 for a new jib with the larger window in it.
Raising the jib off the deck will decrease performance. The slot between the jib and the main will be wrong and you lose the "seal" between the deck and jib.

Greg has the right solution with the larger window in the jib. Good luck!