Jib Leads

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I single hand sail my 14.2 most of the time and have difficult time getting the jib sheets out of the cam cleets because they aim towards the front of the boat. Does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone know if the Harken 452 series of Jib Leads works on the stock Capri jib sheet tracks? - Chuck

I don't know about the Harken 452, but did you try making the modifications described elsewhere in this fourm to the jib cars (most particularly, the one that removes the strap above the jam cleats)?
oops - I just did a search and I guess the info is not posted here. For sure, it has been written about in one of the mainsheet magazines and perhaps some else here can point to an online location. The modification basically is to remove the strap, but it must be done carefully to avoid the jams coming off and finding a mess of springs and bearings on the floor
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Paul, I couldn't find any past notes either but I can try the removal of the bridge....have experienced what happens if not carefull so will be extremely careful.