Jib halyard

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Im replacing every wire and rope on my boat. After looking at the handbook i came to realize i dont have the jib block. So my question is do i actually need this block inorder to pull jib up or just make long enough rope?
Can I assume that "jib Block" is a pulley on the front of the mast to run the jib halyard through? If you have a hank on jib, you need one. Roller furler does not have one.
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20170701_202302.jpg I have no furing jib. I have the main pulley up by the forestay but when i looked at the handbook the jib has a pennant measurement and then halyard block measurement. Like im sure i could just pull the jib up and cleat it off but whats the point of the bottom pulley
Is this the pulley you are talking about? If so, that is the down haul for the boom (boom vang) For normal sailing around the lake, I never rig a "boom vang


My jib is rigged as shown. Yes you can raise with the halyard and cleat it off, no pulley near the mast step. I looked at the specs and do see what you are talking about. Not needed.


That is what I found also. Big question is why? Without a block and tackle you can tension the jib halyard very easily. I have not seen any blocks on other 14.2 that I have seen. Maybe someone who races can chime in and see if necessary. I lake sail and don't need one.


Thanks for bringing this up,
I took mine out several years ago and kept it in the bag .... I was completely new to sailing back then and did not understand the importance of proper "luff tension" ..... now I do and will be putting it back into the equation.

Here's my reason: Since the 14.2 does not have a "backstay" it is up to the "shrouds" to maintain tension on the "forestay", which is next to impossible! ..... Obviously, the experts realized this and thus, the tensionable "jib luff-rope" .... and since the Jib relies completely on the "luff rope" for tension, the Halyard becomes the key, to properly setting the luff tension ...... I now believe, the extra purchase via this "block" should make the task easier and more accurate.

Just my 2 cents worth :)