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Jib Halyard


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I am just getting back into trying to sail my Capri and I am replacing all of the lines.

So far everything is going well but I am somewhat confused as to the Jib Halyard.

In the middle of the halyard there is a block with a pulley on it.

I personally have never used or have seen the Jib used so I don't know what this pulley would be used for.

I have watched a couple of Youtube videos but it looks like they simply run the Jib sheets and then hoist the gib using the halyard and tie it off to the mast with no mention of the pulley.

What is this block/pulley used for? Does another line tie to it?


Steve Rose

I have wondered the same thing. I assumed that the previous owner used the block to splice together two lengths of line.

Does anyone on the forum know the use for the block/pulley on the jib halyard?


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If you look in the C14.2 hand book the jib halyard goes down thru the middle of the lower cleat then up thru the block then down to the jam cleat. I use it but don't over tighten it.