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In ordering a new Capri 14.2 the roller furling jib comes with a dark colored leech in lieu of a sail cover. I plan to store my boat on a float all year and am concerned about deterioration of the sail. I have seen a 14.2 with a sleeve as a cover that is raised with a halyard. Do I need one?
I never leave my sails outside. i always store them in a dry place. Humidity and UV destroy the sails slowly. I recommend you to take the 10 min in raising down and store your sails in a dry space. If you sail on salt water, don't forget to wash them with clean water and let them dry before storing. If you do so, you will enjoy your sails for several years without problems.
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Thanks for your advice and I agree with you as that is the way I handle the sails on my present boat. A roller furled jib however presents some different issues in as much as the boat will stay rigged on the dock at the lake.
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In thinking further about your comments I have begun to wonder about whether to get the roller furling jib at all. I intend to store the boat on a dock in fresh water and don't plan to class race her. As I said my intention was to leave the furled jib up but even with a cover it may be subject to moisture that runs down the forestay/jib halyard. My alternative is to go with a conventional jib that I take down and store after each use. I would like to avoid the hassle of taking down the roller furling rig. Does the convenience, reefing capability etc. of the roller furling option offset the possible deterioration of the sail over time?

Sun strips on the leech and foot will protect the jib when furled. During the past three years, my boat has been exposed to the sun in North Carolina. It is rigged from April through November each year. Midway through the fourth year, there has been no damage to the jib. I would not recommend sun strips if you plan to race.


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I have a furling system on my 87 mod 1. I store the boat at a fresh water lake from May to Oct. For the 5 years that I have owned it I cover it with a Jib Sleeve I do not have the foot and leech guards. Since I do not use a Jib halyard. I use the Main Halyard to raise the Sleeve. The sleeve is blue Nylon that I bought at a fabric store. I reused the zipper from the original hobie model that the previous owner used. It was a chance to use the sewing machine. You can buy a premade one out of sunbrella material, but making it was almost the same feeling of achievement as a good day sailing. It has protected the jib just fine. The sun and UV have faded the sleeve a little but over all it is doing it's job.

I like the furling system as most of the time I sail single handed and it allows me the option to furl the jib if the winds pick up too much or to start my boat breakdown as I get close to port. Good Luck. Anthony
I've got a jib sock as well. I think it's made of Sunbrella fabric. It works real slick. I wouldn't be deterred from the furling jib because of worry about exposure.
If you have a good jib sock material, who can block the UV and let the jib to breath without any condensation / humidity, there is no problem at all.
Another advantage is that you are sailing in fresh water, that help also.
I'm sailing in the Mexican gulf, and salt is a problem if you want to preserve your boat from any corrosion.
So, make a good choice of your material, and you will also enjoy your sails for a long time.