jib car style new vs old

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i have a 2001 mod 3 and have noticed my jib cars differ form the mod 1's in dry dock next to me. Thiers seem to have a swiveling dead eye lead to a swiveling arm with the cleat on it. Where as mine simple havs a plastic "d" to a cleat, no swiveling at all. It seem this older design would work better and allow the jib sheet to flow out easier on a tack, where as it get hung up on mine. Where can i get some of these? DOes any one have a pair for sail or know how to make some, or how much they would be from catalina, if still avalible. Harken makes something similair, but they use a different style track, and are 75$ a side. any help would be great.
I don't know about replacement jib cars, but we had the same problem on our boat with the factory jib cars. After switching to a lower diameter line, though, they work a lot better. The Quantum Sails tuning guide recommends 5/16" Trophy Braid or 1/4" Melges Braid. I think we went with a 5/16" something-or-other roughly equivalent to Trophy Braid. The one downside is that the sheets flap around a little more in the middle of a tack when the wind is blowing pretty hard, but that's just for a second or two. My wife thinks the line is comfortable enough for her to work with. If you haven't changed out your jibsheet already, I'd recommend at least trying that before spending money on new jib cars.

Mike Shadley