Jib Car Replacement

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I am thinking of replacing my jib car with either Harken H452 or Ronstan 81942. The swivel feature looks attractive for single handed sailing by keeping the cleat in line with the skipper rather than pulling at an angle. Also, I thought the swivel fairlead might allow the jib sheet to release more freely. Does anyone have an opinion about which works better? On the Harken, does the fairlead swivel or just the cleat?
If your single handing you should be sitting straight across from the jib car so its a straight pull to release and trim in. I have the swivel type cars on my old boat. Sometimes they end up facing the wrong way at the worst time.
Part Numbers

Larry and Dave,

What part numbers did you buy? The pictures do not show cams. Do you use the old cams from the orinal side cars.

I am really looking forward to buying a set. Did you buy direct from Harken or through some on-line marine store?

Ed Sowell

The cams on my Capri #2935 look exactly like the 150 cams on the Harken web page link that was sent in your e-mail. Harken fairlead # 328 is the one I thought would work. I can get them from this link for $8.77 http://www.marine.com/product_info.php/products_id/23792

I think I will get one for the Main sheet also. My helmsman is not able to let the main out when the gusts come. I sit foreward just behind the shrod and this is a little farther than the swivel likes to swivel.

The winds have been SUPER here on Lake Buchanan the last three evenings. We have had a great sail each time.

Thanks for the reply.

Ed Sowell
The winds down here at Lake Canyon and Travis Lake have been very gusty the past few weekends.

I don't mind 15-20 knot winds when they are constant, but when it goes from 10 to 20 back to 10 very suddenly every few minutes, it is unnerving and very tiring. Except for the heat, today was nice.

My only complaint is that the new fairleads almost make it too easy to cleat. Several times they have "auto-cleated" at inopportune times. In gusty conditions, I don't like the cleat the jib. I may buy some wedges to change the angle of the cleats to make it easier to un-cleat quickly.