Jib car Fairlead

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I'm sure we all have jibsheet fairleads that have worn through to the screw. Does anyone know where to get replacements? Catalinadirect doesn't list them.


1990 Catalina Capri 14.2 - Hull #3473
Great looking boat there. I am currently in the stages of refitting my 1990 model 2. Got a laundry list of things to do, but was curious what some of the restoration items you did?
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Thanks for the compliment.
The hull is a 2005. It's a ex-rental, with all the dings you'd imagine.
New shrouds; I bought the wire, bought an inexpensive crimper, and voila. I put turnbuckles on the side-shrouds. I had to strip a very heavy build up of crud off the hull. I reinstalled the mast step and modified it to imitate the slotted "quick-remove" mast step offered by catalinadirect. I reinstalled the jib tracks and resealed the hatch - rain water used to fill up the bow. New sails from Ullman in Ventura - $1100 approx. Installed hiking straps; it had never been fitted with any. Installed a barney post; again, it had never had one, nor the main fiddle block and cleat.
I'm still playing around with the rigging to fine tune her. I guess the biggest deal was modifying a trailer to accommodate the fixed keel.
Also, the keel was a bit of as mess, but nothing too bad. Here's a post from a few months back:
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