Jet skis

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Or wave runners, whatever you want to call them...

What is their fascination with small sailboats?
I find them craning their necks to see my boat while they blast off. They've swiveled their heads completely over their shoulder to look at the little sailboat that is behind them. It's not a glance, but a long look as if they're completely fascinated with a little boat like it's a creature from mars. It's such a long look that I often start to think they might ought to look where they're going.

Are they trying to determine where the throttle is? :p

FWIW, they're fairly respectable where I sail. Some come close, but nobody has been a total clown...yet anyway.
No worries, they're just not fascinated with your Laser, they are attracted by anything made out of fiberglass that reside on water.:rolleyes:

My theory is that companies such as Bombardier, Yamaha and the like that are building this machine have invented extremely powerful "fiberglass magnet" :p which will force their operator to seek on the water, regardless of the distances, any other vessels on the same body of water that they could go and annoy with their noisy toys.:D

My guess is that they simply looking back to see if they manage to make capsize!:mad:

Have fun and be safe.

I work with the Coast Guard, and that's one of the complaints from sailboats..the PWC's love to buzz around sailboats. Don't know why..must be because they are so different they just have to get a closer look.

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My guess is that they simply looking back to see if they manage to make capsize!:mad:

Have fun and be safe.


Perhaps that's what it is. "What will happen to the little sailboat when my wake hits?"

Eh, if I can handle big power boat wakes and 20 kts of wind, I think they can rest easy that I can handle it. lol!
That demonstration of vibrant color combined with the high pitched whining is all part of their mating ritual. The PWC is born blind and therefore unable to accurately identify the species with which it wants to breed, as said earlier, it is attracted to polyester resin. It is best to float some freshly laid-up fiberglass decoys some distance away from the area you wish to sail in. That is, unless you welcome the PWC's amorous advances.