Jens Rig ... ?


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This is an Email that I have sent to Dan at Windline. I am very open to comments regarding my questions about how best to rig the Jens.


Hi Dan .. here are my questions. Thanks so much for your help.

Questions regarding the Jens Rig and how you suggest doing it:

Length of line: (14ft...?)
Size of line: (3/16ths ...?)
Position of cleat on the mast, front OR port or starboard side?
Position up from the bottom of mast is for the cleat is 48" right?

Rigging the Jens. This is what I have figured out from several different sources. Basically the Road Island Jens described on page 354 of the Sunfish Bible at the top right of the Jens Hookanson Jens. They are suggesting a 4 ft. piece of 1/4 inch line and I have rigged it this way and is seems to work. Your method with the cleat I am assuming is then taking it through the eye at the top of the mast and THEN down to the cleat. The RI Jens described only takes it through the eye at the top of the mast and secures it there with two half hitches.

I am guessing that your way is:
Tie a tight bowline around the mast about 8-12" below mast. Then take the line through the eye at the top of the mast and then down to the cleat. Run the halyard between the Jens line and the mast above the bowline and then down to the eye on the deck and so on ...

You also suggest positioning the jens on the sprit at approximately 74" if you are a bit heavier and in between 54 and 74 inches if you are lighter like me at 150 lbs. (calculations in inches are measured from the top of the upper boom down.

I am wondering about the distance of the boom above the deck at the gooseneck after a hard vanging down. I am guessing it should be about 3-5 inches for a light weight person like myself.

The lower the boom the less heeling force??

Personally I don't yet comprehend how all this works by lowering the sail position on the mast and then raising the upper boom (sprit) at the same time. Seems like they would cancel each other out to some extent if the purpose is to depower the sail, prevent excessive heel and keep the boat flat?? BUT then I admit to not really understanding the dynamics of the situation.