JC Strap+ Inhaul pics are up!

george w.f. I'm right with you...

I want my class to be challenging. I want to be challenged in all conditions I sail in. If I wanted a point and shoot machine then I'd sail catamarans or even worse, I'd just own a motorboat.

I sail in finn and laser too, and I founded difficult and annoying, to sail the laser in very light wind dw without the JC Strap. The JC is a very important part of the finn. Am I allowed to use a JC strap in the laser during the regattas? Is it legal? It's important for me, I used to sail with it in the finn.


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Maybe you guys should consider racing Lasers.

The object is to assemble a fleet of 100% equal boats and then each sailor can test his / her skills agains the rest of the fleet of those 100% equal boats.

Lasers Don't have lots of nifty fittings found on some other boats.

Laser Sailors simply try to bring the same toys so we can play the game we play.

For over thirty years, this formul has worked well.

Maybe you would like to join us and play the successful game we have been playing for the last thirty years.

I would gladly be the first to welcome you.

NO!!!! The other 180,000 of us are not interested in spending money and time purchasing new stuff so we can come play with you.

You are a special person. We all are special people. Nobody is that special!!!

Your proposal would cost over a million dollars to fully institute.

We have lots of better uses for a Million bucks!

Try joining the rest uf us in the very successful game!!

Sail a Laser


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$109.15 No brand hooks, RF575
$119.75 No Brand hooks, RF20101
$171.15 Harken hooks, R575
$182.50 Harken hooks, RF20101

. This is the price if you went to the store today and got them in NZ.
So. We have a game that works fine. In fact it is the best and most popular sailing game in the world.
A few individuals want the rest of us to change the game so their particular tastes can be better accomodated.

Let's asume there are actually 1000 of you who really really want to use the JC device.

if we allow the device, all the rest of us will have to go get one so we can compete with 100% equal boats...which is the onbject of laser sailing...

If half of us, about 100,000 sailors build and install the devices at the least expensive prices quotes above.

Your request will cost the rest of us over $10,915,000

I am certain those who love Laser sailing can do better things for our game with $10,915,000
I agree with gouvernail, this is how the laser is, if the change dosn't vastly improve the sailers experinece with the boat at a reasonably cheep prize, or makes the class cheeper it's really no use changeing.

Sure, the laser formula has it's flaws, it can easily lead to certain things beeing vastly overpized, which we can obviously see =P. Another issue is of course how there is only one kind of mast so the sailer has to change his weight to fit the mast, instead of changeing the mast to fit his weight (of course this only applies to sailers on a quite high level).
There are many issues like that, but it seems like in general people consider the advatages of the laser idea bigger than the dissadvatages.
If you don't, buy a finn =p
can understand advantage of JCstrap on a Finn where mast at deck level somewhat constricted - but on most lasers the mast at deck level is free to move somewhat. In most cases the rig becomes very stable running by the Lee in a laser because of this. Unless you have a particularly narrow mast tube at deck level is it really needed / an advantage????