JC Boom Sleeve - Production Prototype pics

The hook goes through the clew eyelet - the hook is manufactured already attached to the block. Then the outhaul line starts tied off to the eyelet at the end of the boom, then comes towards the hook/block combination on the clew, through that, back through the eyelet on the end of the boom, then off foward to meet the other part of the outhaul line.

The clew tie down line I just tie through the clew eyelet and around the boom. Use a bit of Marlow D12, or excel racing pro which is also dyneema. I tie it three times around the boom and it slides well. Hook is about GBP£9 and string less than GBP£1.
I hope this helps - sorry I don't have any pictures to explain further.
For me one of the great aspects to the Laser is that it is not full of fiddly gadget add-ons, etc. Its a basic fun boat. If you want to play, build clever bits, etc. then there a loads of other classes that are not so strict one-design and well suited to such "tinkering". We can all build little things here and there but its not what a Laser is about (not for me anyway).

I hope the rule change does not get through. The existing method has worked fine for many years and this is just a new means to persuade enthusiast to part with money. It might work great, might be dead convenient but it all just adds to the cost, makes more Lasers different (i.e. more differences between Lasers), etc.

Lets keep the class a one design. That is its background. Other lasses are not so strict so if you find the Laser rules too rigid there are other (one design) classes that will suit you better.

Is the vote for this particular sleeve and with no other option being legal. If this sleeve sells for $40 or $50 in the US, then its going to sell for $100 in Australia, which is rediculous. I could make something similar for a fraction of that.
And as asked earlier but I dont think answered, if this is voted in, will a piece of 2" PVC pipe doing the same job and costing about $2 be legal or illegal.
Also, again if this is voted in, can we alter it. To me, using the hook with the sail to one side looks bad design. What about having the sail going through the centre and held in place with a quick release shackle, or raise the sides of the sleeve, sail sits in the centre, and put a toggle pin through it


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168664 said:
will a piece of 2" PVC pipe doing the same job and costing about $2
Just out of curiousity....how would you make this piece out of pvc? The tube is obvious, but how would you make the ears/tabs for attaching the hook and block?