For Sale J24 Tillers


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I built 5 tillers this past winter.

I will be keeping one, and selling four. Each tiller is made of a ply of mahogany and ash bought from amish country in ohio, glued together with west systems 207 special clear hardener, molded and tapered with a 5 inch rise, finished with two coats of west systems 207, then 3 coats of epifanes clear varnish sanded down to 600 grit on the final coat. I used my broken Karl's boatshop tiller as a template. Pictures below.

Each finished tiller is between 985 and 1000 grams.

If you want more info, or pictures, please DM me.

Each tiller is $400, will be delivered without any holes drilled out for straps or a tiller extension hardware. You pay for shipping. I bought a west marine tiller as a stop gap last year, its a piece of junk. I am happy to send you a picture of the crap $165 west marine tiller to compare to the tillers I built. Just DM me

I have one tiller that has has the swivel joint for a spinlock extension drilled out and installed and holes drilled out for straps. I will sell that tiller for $480. It will not come with a spinlock tiller extension