J24 Sails for sale

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I have:

3 Mainsails...ranged $150-$300 each
4 Genoas...ranged $150-$350 each
3 Spinnakers...ranged $100 each
2 jib/blades...ranged $100-$250

good condition, cruising as well as racing.

Pictures available.

Contact me with any questions.

917 757 0712
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Hi Philip,
I would like to buy your sail. It looks like it's in good shape and I just shredded mine in heavy wind last week so I really need one! I never got your message a couple of years ago. Sorry about that. I live in Chicago--are you within driving range or will I need to have it shipped?
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I have someone interested in the blade that i have posted. if they do not buy I will get back to you.

I may have another blade also, will take photos and post them with the price.