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J24 Rigging Guide

Ruben Tobe

New Member
Hi all,

We bought a couple of weeks ago a nice J24, build in 1979 at Westerly.

Everything looks good on the boat but it looks like there are many kinds of rigging methods for the J24. Has somebody maybe a rigging guide that can be published on this forum or can be sent to rubentobe@gmail.com?


Ruben Tobe
The Netherlands


Definitely agree with Amp. Another good source of ideas is http://photos.apsltd.com/One-Design-Photos, where they have a number of photos from a few fairly well prepared J24s, if the line drawing from Harken isn't clear enough.

Best case scenario though is to get on a well prepared boat close to home. There's only so much you can get out of the drawing and pictures, and if you can get on a well rigged boat it'll help you understand why on the J24 that clean and simple is beautiful, esp. for the company crashing across the dog house.

There are a few variations, but the top boats predominantly follow the Harken deck layout pattern pretty closely. Once and done, do the work right, and take the time to seal your deck hardware well!

Best of luck!