News: J24 racing as a class in Nashville, TN 4/12 and 13

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I know this is not an event of great magnitude for the class, but wanted those of you in District 8 to know that we are going to have a J24 class with trophies 3 deep for the O.L. Shultz Hospice Regatta at Harbor Island Yacht Club in Nashville on April 12th and 13th. Registration is only $20. There are opportunities to further benefit the Hospice organizations through donations. It's a great event, there are not currently many opportunities to race class in the central Southeast, and we have been trying for a quite a long time to get a few more J24s on the line in Nashville. We would love it if some other 24s would come in for our event and have some fun with us. If not this regatta, maybe another one. Now that we have 4 boats local we should be racing class pretty often on Old Hickory. Check out the event calendar at and plan a weekend of sailing and honky tonks!

If you are interested in racing in the O.L. Shultz Hospice Regatta, here is a link to registration:
You can also take a look at current registrants to confirm that we do have 4 boats registered, and we will have our own class.

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