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J24 Quantum Jib (TriRadial SF 100) For Sale

For sale is a once-used, brand-new Quantum TriRadial SF 100 Jib. The one time it was used was at J24 Nationals 2 years ago by the Quantum sales rep.

Built for 15+ knots, this sail is durable enough to handle the upper extreme while also being powerful enough for the occasional lull. It has proven itself fast, winning two worlds championships with extensive blade use.

Sail bag is included.

Price on the Quantum website = $1,800

Will sell for an even $1,000 + shipping costs.

This sale is located in Marion, MA and can be picked-up locally, if you'd like.

This TriRadial SF 100 is part of a complete inventory of sail I have available. I would consider selling all 4 sails together as a package. See my other posts for details on the TM-01 Mainsail, TG-1 Genoa & Full Radial Spinnaker.
Let me be clear to all you bargain hunters looking to steal this sail from me - I WILL NOT SELL THIS BRAND NEW BLADE FOR $500. So don't bother; the price is $1,000!
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