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J24 part out


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Spinnaker launch bag? Jib/Genoa cars? I'm also looking for some mast blocks/wedges for where it goes through the deck. Where in OH are you? i'm in Cincy

Susannah Myers

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Hey! I’m looking for cam cleats that might have come off your mast? (Curved for the shape of the mast) also looking for main sheet/ travler block systems available?
I have brand new lights and all the wiring for the trailer just haven't installed them yet. Surge brake master cylinder is not on one trailer so it's just a reg coupler at this point. I was going to convert to electric brakes and never did.


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I believe you are in Ohio and I live in Michigan. Is there any way I can come and see the rudder before making an offer? Also, do you have a ball park idea of what you might want for the rudder? Thanks.


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Im looking for the mast spinnaker ring plate that is riveted onto the mast. Also, what condition is your foredeck hatch? if it is newer, and not yellowed, let me know. Thanks!
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The fordeck hatch is in good shape, but it has been painted white. Could you send me picture of the part on the mast you are looking for? I'm am new to sailing. Thanks


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There are usually 1 or 2 of these on the front of the mast. Its where the spinnaker pole clips onto the mast. they are usually riveted on, so the rivets would have to be drilled out to pull it off.
If you have a picture of the hatch, let me know. email me cgardner268@gmail.com. Thanks!



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Looking for rear quarter hatch hinges, cannot seem to find any new hinges on the internet. Let me know, thanks in advance.


If you still have any parts do you have cam cleats for a windward sheeting traveller? The rods on mine are worn down and I'm looking for a replacement.


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I am looking for J24 port side Lazerette Cover. If you have one that you are willing to part with, let me know a price and I will get back to you. I am in Atlanta, Ga.