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J24 for cruising


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Don't know much about sailing, had a hobie 16 and a catalina 22 in the past, but am at a point in my life where I'd like to get back into the hobby. No interest in racing at all, just want to keep a sailboat on my mooring and take it out a few nights a week for a spin with friends and family. A family friend has a j24 that they're casually selling, he was big into racing and I believe kept the boat in really great shape and has nice sails, etc. It comes with a trailer in good shape and an older, running 4HP outboard to get on and off the dock. His price is $2k, which seems more than reasonable. My question for you all is whether the J24 would be a good boat for this use? The catalina 22 had a roller furling and tiller pilot which were nice creature comforts, but certainly not deal breakers. I know some here will say get something else meant for cruising, but frankly I don't see much on CL for around that price that are anywhere near as nice as this boat, plus I know this boat's history. So what do you all think? Thanks!


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I would not get something else, my first recommendation would be to get a J/24. They are great boats even for what you want to do. Nothing says class and respect like a J/24 owner. They are fun boats for all skill levels, and fast to keep everyone happy, even when cruising. It's a sailor's sailboat. Not complicated, or maintenance heavy, and can accommodate anyone who wants to sail. If you want creature comforts (headroom, galley, head) and boringness, then go for something else. Just check these forums and the web for the classic signs of aging boats, what to look out for or what you are getting yourself into with a J/24. If someone used the boat for a lot of racing, then there might be more underlying issues that could present a problem. If there are issues that need fixing from a boat beat up from hard racing, then $2K seems about right. If this is a "good" family friend who is truly trying to help you out, then jump on it, $2K is a great price for a good boat with trailer. Worst case scenario, you don't like it after a year and you sell it for $2K with trailer. Good luck, keep us updated.;)


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Sort of an old thread at this point, but... I used to own J24 #2739 and used it mostly for cruising and daysailing. Looking back, I would probably have enjoyed a J22 more because of what in my opinion is a more comfy and ergonomic cockpit. The deck-stepped mast is also better for casual use IMHO, and again IMHO I think the J22 is a better sailing boat, especially with a smaller non-racing "crew" (blasphemy in a J24 forum I know).