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J24 Easy Adjustment Turnbuckle/Handle

OK, I wish I was not so dumb. Got my third J24 about six weeks ago. It has the original open turnbuckles. I ordered the fast adjustment turnbuckle/handle for the four shrouds and, you guessed it, those turnbuckle handles do not fit the original turnbuckles. So I ordered four fast-adjustable turnbuckles. And you guessed it, now the bottom of the new turnbuckle will not reach the chainplates. So now I have ordered three different sizes of turnbuckle jaws to extend the shroud and "new" turnbuckles with handles to "reach" the chainplates. Before I order four of the "right" size, any suggestion on "how" I should rig the shrouds now to "reach" the chainplates? Obviously the new turnbuckle with handles is shorter than the original turnbuckles. Help? lol


Given the expense, you won't like this answer. If you want your new turnbuckles to reach the chain plates, you should purchase all new wire rigging for it.