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J24 #3774 (1984) $3,800 in Fairport, NY


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Daysail ready; needs upgrades to race
Duel-axle trailer
Freshly refurbished Yamaha 4HP Outboard
Two sets of crusing/daysailing sails (2 Mains, 2 Genoas, 2 Jibs, 2 Spinakers)
Good overall condition; Appears Solid; No known moisture
VC17 Bottom

More pics here: J24 Sailboat #3774 - boats - by owner - marine sale

Hull ID: TSP43774M84H



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What type of deck paint, and color is that? And, when (date) was it applied? Looks like it is holding up really well. Were you happy with the grip/traction? Did you apply it yourself? Thanks in advance.


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Good questions! I assumed it was the original deck. No indication otherwise. There was a repair done at the base of the port lifeline stancions that is also evident down below. Looks like a good solid repair that does not show on the topsides, but the paint on the deck doesn't quite match. I do like the warm buff color and it has retained good traction.

I only bought the boat 1 1/2 years ago and we decided to go a little larger so just bought a J29. Otherwise I love the boat! halyards are led to the cockpit which is the only thing that I think would need to be changed to race her. New sails would surely help! and maybe faired foils? Your choice if you want to leave the drink holder on it!


CB Tom

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I’m interested in your J24. Sent an email via craigslist (used the link) with questions and contact info. Hope to hear from you