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J24 #3774 (1984) $3,800 in Fairport, NY


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Daysail ready; needs upgrades to race
Duel-axle trailer
Freshly refurbished Yamaha 4HP Outboard
Two sets of crusing/daysailing sails (2 Mains, 2 Genoas, 2 Jibs, 2 Spinakers)
Good overall condition; Appears Solid; No known moisture
VC17 Bottom

More pics here: J24 Sailboat #3774 - boats - by owner - marine sale

Hull ID: TSP43774M84H



What type of deck paint, and color is that? And, when (date) was it applied? Looks like it is holding up really well. Were you happy with the grip/traction? Did you apply it yourself? Thanks in advance.


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Good questions! I assumed it was the original deck. No indication otherwise. There was a repair done at the base of the port lifeline stancions that is also evident down below. Looks like a good solid repair that does not show on the topsides, but the paint on the deck doesn't quite match. I do like the warm buff color and it has retained good traction.

I only bought the boat 1 1/2 years ago and we decided to go a little larger so just bought a J29. Otherwise I love the boat! halyards are led to the cockpit which is the only thing that I think would need to be changed to race her. New sails would surely help! and maybe faired foils? Your choice if you want to leave the drink holder on it!