J24 #2766 1981 - Race Ready, Dry Sailed, Trailer

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Sail # 2766 Build: 1981

  • Valid measurement certificate
  • Dry sailed last 18 years
  • Build after the vermiculite problem was discovered therefore no keel refit needed
  • Bottom refinished with barrier coat epoxy, Keel fared
  • Modernized deck layout, old holes expertly refilled therefore not deck rot
  • Sail Comp
  • Single axle almost rust free trailer with cargo box and forward ladder
  • 2 Dacron Mainsails
  • 2 Dacron Jib
  • 2 Dacron Genoa
  • 3 Spinnakers
  • 2 spinnaker pole
  • Complete racing line set (main sheet, jib sheets, spinnaker sheets, twing line, main Cunningham, boom-vang, jib/genoa Cunningham, backstay line, etc...
  • Complete set of water-resistant interior cushions; side berth and V-berthGin poll for raising and lowering the mast
  • Lightweight 4 hp Nisson outboard engine
  • New style transom engine mount bracket
  • Single-point keel attached lifting set up
  • Metal stay tension gauge.