Expired J24 1978 hull 964 parting out. Chapin SC

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Hope eve
Sad to lose one of the fleet.
This boat was beyond repair. Soft cabin top, water on ply under decks.
Most anything that could be removed was taken off.
Good mast, boom, spin pole, tillerstainless steel, mainsheet blocks, vang, main traveler, Genoa tracks and some cars.
Interior cushions, Vee berth and sides fair condition. One small hole.

sails are serviceable. You won’t win the worlds with them!

have plenty of pictures. Will post items with asking prices. Open to offers.

Rudder, jib and boom cover sold.

Txt 803-553-9722 any item requests.


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@Filili I also picked up a too far gone J/24 but have a single axle Triad J/24 trailer available.

Has new tires, lights and just drove it a few hundred miles.

Send me a DM if you'd like information.
I would be interested in trading my dual axle for a single. But it would be in March when my boat goes back in water.
@Jby257 jby

That is good to know. I'm looking to get the hull taken care of and then put the trailer up for sale.

If your looking at a single axle, I'd consider a trade.
Hi Jamie,
Would you happen to have lower back stays available? I could use one or both if you have them.
Many thanks - and sorry for you having to do this!
Have all the rigging
can you send a picture of the part you looking for. Or call to explain Number in original listing.
I can’t send a picture - the boat is in storage in MA and I am in North Carolina until May. But the ‘lowers’ are the bottom end of the split backstay - I.e. the two sections that branch off of the upper backstay and attach to chai plates on each rear corner of the deck. I would need the entire lower,including the wire and the turnbuckle that attaches to the chain plate.
Does that description make sense?
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