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Updated J/24 - USA 1470 - Low BUY Now Price = $4,490!! (Race Ready! FAST and LIGHT Hull: 1,288 Dry Weight (All-Up Weight For Racing: 1,315 kg!)


Live Slow, Sail Fast!
J/24 - USA 1470 - FAST and LIGHT

***** New "Low Low Low" Buy NOW Price: $4,490
Race Ready!
Already has hours of work and has THE BEST RACING EQUIPMENT: Carbon Fiber Pole, Complete Set of "Good to Crispy" North Sails, (jib, gennoa, main & Two Spinnakers), Trailer with NEW wheels/tires/lights/jack/spare and a big metal gear box!, Windward Sheeting traveler, Ronstan Toggle/Swage Calibrated Turnbuckles, Refaired Keel, Reinforced Chainplates, Longest Forestay, Highest Rudder, Racing sheets/halyards... Minimum weight without correctors. No vermiculite has been ever removed, Hull: 1,288 Dry Weight (All-Up Weight For Racing: 1,315 kg!!) ****

SAD REASON FOR SELLING: Son is leaving for College... daughter and other crew members can't commit anymore... I shall go back to Laser Masters races...

REALITY: It is a very nice, fast, light boat; everything aimed at speed, all works perfectly;"Turn Key" Champion. Very competitive against much newer and expensive boats... it just makes sense!

This boat has deep racing pedigree; winner of the 1980 Miami Midwinters and countless other races since. Acquired by yours truly in 2017; Originally bought by Mr. Gonzalo "Old Man" Diaz (Augie Diaz's father, US Rolex Sailor of the Year). 4HP Long Shaft (11 hours only!!!) Mercury outboard (NOT INCLUDED but optional, see optional equipment prices on details below), very nice refurbished trailer, 1 set of good North Sails, two spinnakers....ALL adjusted, and reconditioned with the kind help of my brother, Kenneth Porter (Former J/24 Executive Committee Technical Chair & National J/24 Mexican Champion).

Chartered by Warren Campbell (J/24 Melbourne, Australia during the 2019 Miami Worlds). He said: "This is a very fast boat mate!"

Live Slow, Sail Fast!!!


J24 - USA 1470
Hull Serial: TSP147000679 (Tillotson-Pearson)
Registration with Florida DMV: TSP4147000679 - Clean Paper Title
Re-Certified Measurement: 2019 J/24 Worlds Miami; Best Result: 26th place of 76 Boats.
Equipment Included:Current Condition for Racing
Forespar Carbon Fiber Spinnaker PoleGood: Forespar®is the world leader in standard composite whisker poles, spinnaker poles and reaching struts. Standard sizing is 2” – 6”. Spinnaker poles are offered in double tapered as well as parallel configurations. Typically a composite spinnaker pole will be 40% lighter than a similar aluminum pole yet almost 50% stiffer.
Harken Mainsheet Traveler with Windward Sheeting CarVery Good: Windward Sheeting traveler car have the control cleats built into a special mechanism that automatically opens and closes the leeward cleat during a tack. This allows you to stay on the high side, checking telltales and steering through waves as you pull the car to its new windward side.
J/24 Racing Boom Ass'y - New-style w/ 1 1/2" Toggle - AnodizedPerfect
J24 Trailer (One Axle w/brakes system)Very good; 1) 12/2017: Changed bow and keel support, new carpet, 2) 1/2018: Sanded, oxidation treatment, painted with Polyurethane, 3) 3/2018 Installed metal Gear Box (painted too), 4) 12/2019: Installed new lights, 5) 12/2019: Greased hubs, 6) 10/2019: Changed rims and tires, 7) 11/2019: Installed jack wheel, 8) 11/2019: Installed spare tire rack
Racing Lines and HalyardsVery good: Racing performance sheets and Halyards ; also changed Topping Lift, Main Halyard, Boom Vang, Out haul cleat, etc.
North Sails - GennoaGood. No numbers nor country code.
North Sails, FR-2 (Blue) Spinnaker (w/COMEX Logo)Good; MEX Country Code. Numbers changed to match: MEX 1470 from MEX 1585 . Stored under A/C in North Sails bag.
North Sails, FR-2 (Red/Blue) Spinnaker (w/Café Logo)Fair; Pending: Validate numbers and country code. Stored inside North Sails bag.
North Sails, J/24 Main Sail (includes Draft Stripes and battens)Good; Country Code and Numbers changed to match: USA 1470 from MEX 1585. North Sails Bag
Ronstan Toggle/Swage Calibrated Turnbuckles w/Handle & GripGood: Ronstan Turnbuckles came with boat and make rig tension adjustments much more precise and efficient
KeelRefaired with West System Epoxy
WinchesLubricated yearly
B17 Carbon Fiber Gennoa - J/24 Class Royalty Fee Patch (2019)Very Good: used only for no more than 15 short, local races. Stored under A/C. No bag. MEX country code.
Original Cost: $1,500
Buy Now Price: $750
LOOS Rig Tension GaugePerfect
Original Cost: $190
Buy Now Price: $150
Mercury Engine Outboard Long Shaft 20", 123cc, 4HP w/reversePerfect; like new: Stored under A/C with full zippered cover. Performed Lower unit gear oil change (200ml) on March 5th, 2019, at 10 hours. Performed first engine oil changel at 10 hrs (April 2020). 450 ml 10W-30 Mercury 4cycle. Never used gasoline with Ethanol; always used special 4 cycle high quality canned gasoline. Greased & lubricated with silicon spray. Internal tank holds 1.1 liter = 1 hour.
Original Cost: $1,348
Buy Now Price: $1,000
North Sails, FR-2 (White) Spinnaker (w/BLANCA Logo)Perfect; like new: use only for the Annual Key Biscayne Round the Island Race 2020. Less than 3 hours of total use in medium winds. Stored under A/C in North Sails bag.
Original Cost: $2,803
Buy Now Price: $1,750
North Sails, J/24 Main Sail (includes Draft Stripes and battens)Very good; Collected as Charter Fee for 2019 Worlds from Australian crew who acquired from Australia North Sails Loft on January 2018. Country Code and Numbers changed to match: USA 1470 from AUS 5333. In bag.
Original Cost: $2,156
Buy Now Price: $900


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