Wanted J-24 spinnaker

I have two, one is old and only good for crusing, one is used but still has enough life left for club or PHRF racing
I need 2 good spinnakers for our 2 IC-24's. Community non-profit sailing program. Any color. Can you ship to the Vi? How much?
I can send you two good good spinnakers for $700 for both, plus shipping. I don’t know what the shipping coat would be.
OK. Here is my address:
Thatcher Lord
9901 Emmaus
St. John, VI. 00830

I trust that these sails are in good condition and have a few years of life left. I'm wondering if you might accept an offer of 550$. Our program is a bit cash strapped this time of year. Also, we are a non-profit and can provide you with a tax letter for any break you might provide.
Both spinnakers have plenty of life left. I am a J Boat dealer and have 30 years of experience with sails. Both sails came from a freshwater environment and have had good care however they are obviously used sails for which you are paying less than $300 each. Yes I will accept $550 for them plus cost of shipping. I can ship them today assuming payment via Venmo or Paypal. Thank you
Both spinnakers in this box ready to ship. I will get a shipping quote this afternoon. Stand by…
Thatcher my Paypal account is a business account. As far as I know, it does not have an account name. I can send a request for $ to your email however.

I shipped the box today. Here is a photo of the postal receipt with tracking. It was $50.
I sent the $$.
Can you email me an invoice, (if there isn't one in the box) so I can get reimbursed from the foundation.