J/24,Skaneateles,NY,#2713, lightly raced, new motor, sails,trailer

Halo John
I am looking for a J24 sailboat. I wanted more information on the sailboat photos from the outside and inside. Equipment and sails and their condition. I live in Quebec Canada it 's hard to go see it for the moment. My email chmorneau63@gmail.com a reply would be appreciated.
Thank you Christian.
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The boat is in good shape. As soon as The weather clears, I will cut the shrink wrap off. And you can look at it. It is in storage now in Skaneateles. I will get the Sailboat Shop to pull it out where I can cut the wrap off and you can crawl around on it. Every spring I wax the hull, touch up the teak. Tighten all the fasteners, examine the rigging, and lines and replace when needed. I don't believe the hull core has ever gotten soaked, so the weight should be correct.Are you familiar with J/24s? I replaced the jib winches with self-tailing Harken winches and moved them more out board,so the cockpit seating is a little more comfortable. I also put up a masthead or anchor light, and steaming and deck lights for night sailing and anchoring. The outboard is a 5 or 6 HP. 4 stroke Merc. A couple of years old with maybe 4 hrs running time. I only use it to get in and out of the slip I keep it in at Skaneateles Country Club. I have several good racing sails ( all top of the line North). In addition to a blade and 150 Genoa. I have an Asymmetrial Spinaker, that pulls up into a sock. Without a bow sprit, it is more like a Geniker. Currently I am using a 100% roller furling Jib ( about 4 years old) and an almost new Main with slides and one reef point. Pretty good all around combo, for cruising mostly.

I used to do some Sunday sandbagger racing on the lake , but haven't since my last hip operation and marriage to
A fair weather, light to moderate wind sailor. I can sail it by myself and have many times. It is very easy to sail with 2 people. The trailer was new with the boat and has gone from Bristol, R.I. To Skaneateles then back and forth ( maybe less than 10 miles a year to the Sailboat shop. Here in the Village.

I know the price is right. Selling was a late decision,, hence I don't have the kind of pictures I should have for a serious buyer. Fortunately, you are local, so looking at the real thing is pretty easier.

If you are still interested I will let you know as soon as it is viewable.

My cell is 315-263-1661

Best Regards,
John MacAllister