J-24 Parts

I have a J-24 to part out. Hope to follow-up with a complete list of parts but for now, most items on an early competitive boat are available including complete rig with running and standing rigging, rudder and tiller, deck hardware, even a single axle trailer. Please get in touch with your needs and I can send photos and condition of each item. Thanks, Art 508-360-4691

I am looking for a mast we just lost our in Hurricane Irma .284-440-3477
If you're still looking for a mast there may be one available in Queens, NY. I bought a trailer this weekend from a gentlemen who was advertising on this forum. He had just scrapped a J24 hull and kept the mast, rigging, bowsprit and all other hardware and parts. Might be worth a call, I am sure he could provide you with everything you need. He was most friendly, kind, helpful and honest. Here is his original post with his contact number. Hope it works out for you.

"Have trailer in Queens. I would need to remove J24 that is on it . Could do this if you want trailer. Double Axle.
Extra long Ramp launch tongue. Give a call if interested 347 804 2423
Hey Art, Thanks for the photo! From that angle it does not look like a match. Here's a photo of what I'm looking for just to confirm:

The doors that slide horizontally (the ones I'm looking for) slid off the back and out of the boat while trailering down the highway. I was able to save one, while the other met its match with a semi truck. :( The older style J24 companionway doors have a two door system that fit "over the top" of the cabin way.

your post is almost a year old but If you’re still looking for a companion way covers I have some.