J-24 Parts

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pm sent. Thanks Art!
Sail944 - Im attaching a photo of one of the pulleys on the jib blocks, the other one is also broken. Bummer. the internal pulley is broken on both. I also haven't been able to find a spinnaker launch bag on board. Sorry to disappoint, Sail944. I will keep looking and I may come across a couple of good jib blocks in the yard. Will advise. Again, my apologies for heightening your expectations.
Managed to get my upper caught in lawnmower. Do you have a 26 foot upper? I have an early hull and Rodney said they changed them a bit. Also need forward hatch.
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I haver a set of doors, two bulkhead mounted compasses, a transom mount motor bracket, traveller bar with all gear (wood is rotted), and some cheek blocks, slide track pulleys, life lines and stanchions, and other pulleys still left. DSCN3692.JPG
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How much for the motor mount and the lifelines? What condition are lifelines in?
HI Mike, I'm thinking $45 on the motor bracket, (list is around $250 for same new and this is good to excellent condition.) The lifelines consist of the stanchions (4) and the lines (4) with connectors on each end. The set doesn't come with the stanchion bases. One of the four lifelines shows lots of cracking in the vinyl. The others show some cracking. IOW they aren't in real good condition but can go on your boat and function okay, although it would be safer if you replaced the one line. I was thinking $125 for the set. Shipping would depend on where you are but these things can be shipped, unless you can pick them up.
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Almost forgot about the rudder. Nice rudder in good shape with pintals and rudder gudgeons mounted. Includes the tiller and extension, (tiller needs a brightwork job).