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J 24 hull # 149 Free to good home


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#149 currently ( as of July 21) in Port Townsend, WA. Lots of hard miles and in need of TLC. This is your "57 chevy barn find...if you have the interest in rehabbing a great boat, this is it.


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Yes, it is.
When you say lots of hard miles, and in need of TLC what are we talking about.

Is the boat currently sailable as is?
If I put it in the water tomorrow would it float?
If I stepped on the deck would I be able to walk around on it without falling through anywhere?
Would the mast stay up if I stepped it tomorrow?

Been looking for a J24 rehab project, and this might be a perfect fit. Just want to see what exactly I would be getting myself into!

Look forward to hearing from you