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Outside North America
Sold Boat kept the new or best stuff.
Adjustable mast step from Hall spars was 250. USD. 150 CAD. Mast bag when mast is travelling. Custom made Red and Black heavy Canvas. Fits all standing rigging and over Tacktic Bracket. 200.
North Sails Keel and Rudder Covers- still in plastic, was 350 USD. 220 cad. Hall spars spiced Main sail halyard with Wichard captured easy twist shackle. Genny halyard spiced with swivelling shackle same shackle on spin halyard. Continuous spin and genny sheets, splice with eyes for genny, spiced and whipped for kite ends. One Genny cunningham with big hook, spectra to a double block to single blocks to Ultrabright. All premium stuff, ultralight.
Collapsable tweaker blocks by harken. 4 Ronstan ratchomatic for spin sheets. Lopez Blocks For Genny.
North Sails Main lots of Crinkle in it. 2007. 2 Genoas 2007 one used for one regatta. Like new yellow carbon fibre on tack head and clew. Very stiff like new window. Was rolled at length, never folded and stored flat all this time some with other which is a wed. night or early season Genny. Black San Diego kite, lots of crinkle. folded and stored in bag. I Dacron Blade used one weekend at the Gorge and one day in Puget Sound for U.S. Nationals; Very crisp. The sails are less than half price and you'll be happy with them.j Way better than the used set I bought when I first got going. I have a 4 atlas blue boat stand pads. Protects gelcoat. was 200. Usd. Sell for 100. brand new. One Micro tactic Compass and bracket. Solar powered; Works great tack on + tack on -. 250. Cad. I have two inflatable life vests one with Harness. Helly Hanson and Musto foul weather gear. Email to come take a look. I'm in downtown Hamilton. Avery1@mac.com
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Hi Robby,

If your 2007 North Sails Dacron Blade and black spinnaker are still available, email me with your asking price for each sail. Also, where are you located?

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