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J/24 Cabin Sole Plans???


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Hello, new here and happy to have a forum to turn to. Thanks for being here!

I just bought a 1978 J/24 to refurbish and I am having trouble finding plans or exact dimensions to build a new cabin sole. Current wood was rotted and gutted, so I can't use the old one as a template, was just wondering where to look instead of having to trace it out. Plans for any other parts would be rad, too.

Thanks! :)


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I just bought a 1979 J/24 (Hull #1665), and I'm looking for the same plans. I plan on removing the vermiculite, replacing the bulkhead, and building a new cabin sole over the winter. I have limited experience working on boats, and I'm probably biting off more than I can chew, but this is the way I enjoy learning new skills. Any information you find would be appreciated!