It Floated away and I found it at the Dump!

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It has been over 6 months since my sunny floated off my beach. During Towns "Free Dump Day" last month "sunny" is found........but

The Keel (Daggerboard) is missing.

I have the tools and time to make a new one out of wood, but I need the demensions, can any one help??

PS this is a family fun fish not a fancy racer.

Toby :confused:
Go to the National Sunfish Class page, look down the left column, click on ISCA Rules. At the bottom are the diagrams and measurements for dagger boards, rudders and hardware. You have a choice of either the original round bottom or the newer (1980) wood daggerboards. It is permisable to wrap your board with fiberglass if you so desire (see the written part (3.2.3) of the rules :) ). Good luck
You are welcome. You have to keep the kids happy. Where in Maine? My folks live on the coast in Chamberlain, south of Damariscotta, on the the east side of the Pemiquid peninsula. Don't think I'll make up there this year, maybe next summer. I am living just south of St. Louis, MO right now. Good Luck and do it right or you may have to do it over. (you know how kids are..."DAD, can you fix it?").
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Little Osippee Lake
It is a fine L shape lake so the wind is always available from the south or the west during the summer.......lots of traffic on weekends.
Too many "from away" with their wake boats.
Great during the week.
We also have a Float Plane Base here.