Is this bow problem fixable for using Kitty Hawk trailer?

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Hi all, I was on the verge of dropping the hammer on a Kitty Hawk trailer purchase when the following made me pause...

As the pics show, there's damage to the bow, resulting in a fix using a lot of fill-in in the underlip part of the gunwale. This doesn't leave much gunwale for the bow portion of the Kitty Hawk's 3-part support doodad to do it's thing, to put it in noobie non-tech lingo. The pic that shows the bow handle (and my foot) is only to show that there's almost a haf-inch of gunwale just 3 inches from the bow tip, whereas what's at the very front is practically nil.

Hopefully, the pics are worth the proverbial thousand words, and y'all can advise me on a course of action, starting with if this would be a costly fix (and needing a lot of skill) to make this workable for the Kitty Hawk, or if I should just get a trailer with bunks.

I welcome any questions that would help shed more light on the situation.

Thanks all.

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Hi stollie,

I doubt it is going to be an issue, especially if you repair the damage as sailcraftri has suggested. When I use my Kitty Hawk trailer for the laser, I tie the bow to the trailer which keeps it from bouncing and pulled forward. If you tie the Sunfish in the same way, there should not be problem. The laser shows zero tendency to move once it is on the trailer and strapped down.